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Welcome to the Eco-Friendly JW Marriott Austin

With the environment being a huge priority for us, the JW Marriott Austin has achieved a LEED Silver certification and four-star Austin Energy Green Building rating. A few of the hotel’s environmental features include low-emitting materials, such as paints and coatings that are certified for indoor air quality, and the use of regional materials to cut down on the emissions associated with transport.

Below is a list of LEED Silver and Austin Energy Green Building strategies that the JW Marriott Austin has implemented.

  • Developing a site from a parking lot to a building – Replacing a parking lot is good for the environment since impervious surfaces keep rainwater from penetrating the ground. Parking lots also promote the use of cars and create heat islands that attract and trap heat in the city.
  • Direct access to public transportation (bus and train).
  • Rainwater harvesting cisterns are located in the garage that capture both stormwater and condensate from the mechanical equipment. This water is then reused for irrigation, thus eliminating the need for potable water.
  • Enhanced commissioning – The JW Marriott has exceeded regulatory requirements to ensure that the building’s lighting and heating/air-conditioning systems are  designed and installed properly and that maintenance personnel is trained on running the systems efficiently.
  • Recycle onsite construction waste – 75% of the waste leaving the JW Marriott site during construction has been recycled.
  • Use regional materials – 20% of materials that have been manufactured within the state of Texas. This cuts down on the delivery distance.
  • Use low-emitting materials – The hotel used paints, adhesives, sealants, coatings that are certified for indoor air quality.
  • Controllability of lighting and heating/air-conditioning systems – The hotel will implement building controls that monitor systems to ensure that energy is efficiently utilized throughout the hotel.
  • Install intelligent thermostat systems – The hotel guest room thermostats will have sensors that control the heating/air-conditioning in each room. When guests are not in the room, the thermostats will not activate.
  • Water Efficient Fixtures – The hotel has selected plumbing fixtures that, in aggregate, reduce the potable water consumption in the building by 30%.
  • Recycling/ Composting – The hotel will be implementing a comprehensive recycling policy that aims to recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, and metals. In addition, they will be composing all food waste to be collected and repurposed into fertilized soil.
  • Charging Stations – There will be two charging stations located in the parking garage to service staff and guests who drive electric vehicles.

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